The Cage Project


Artist Statement

A fascination with form and fantasy has been present in me since early childhood. Raised with a strong background in the fine and performing arts, I believe that my first solid step towards clay came when I took my first ballet class. There I discovered the joy of being centered within the body and expressing myself through the freedom of movement. I gained a deep and resonant appreciation for the body and all of its sensual delight, mystery and divinity.

Through my sculpture I attempt to tap into the heart and soul of the individual. I feel that my work is literally born out of my awareness of my environment—expressing what is at the very core of my being. I want very much for my work to reflect the beauty and harmony I see in the physical world as well as the deeper, tender, spiritual connections people make in coming together through this dance of life that we all share. I hope my work speaks universally, understandable in any time or place, to anyone who views it.

In 2018, my world changed. I woke up one morning and knew that I had to use my art to reflect the pain and suffering that I was seeing and reading about every day, and to educate others so they would be inspired to act, to vote, to work towards a better world. I created my first installation called The Cage Project for Immigration Reform, which details the horrors of immigrant families being torn apart at our nation’s borders. The public response was emotional and galvanizing and ultimately has led me to a more political form of artistic expression.


Installation Notes

“I’m not from here, but neither are you.”

“Read your history—we’re back to 1938.”

"Don’t pretend your racism is patriotism.”

“Decriminalize migration. No human being is illegal.”

“We are all immigrants.”

© 2018  |  Marilyn Mazin Miller